Thursday, February 23, 2012

an open ended thank you

This is an open ended thank you to the village that helps me make these two boys men.

Thank you to the old man in the line behind me at the post office who makes my little one giggle as we wait. Thank you to the police men, fire men, ambulance drivers, and real life GI Joes that keep my children safe and remind them that superheros are, in fact, real. Thank you to the bank for the suckers, Kroger for the stickers, and to Earth Fare for not minding when we take (a few) extra samples. Thank you to the anonymous entity that keeps the sand at our park litter free. Thank you to all my mom friends who, without being asked, have loaned us a diaper, a snack, a crayon, and loved me despite my lack of preparedness. Thank you to every single driver of a cement truck, tractor trailer, garbage truck, and school bus for beeping your horn, waving, and teaching my children about community. Thank you to every seasoned mom who has ever looked my way with understanding (read: nonjudgmental) eyes when my boys were acting like boys. Thank you to everyone who has commented on their behavior and not their looks. Thank you to every doctor's office that has a toy box and not a television. Thank you to the kind neighbors who hold open the door for me and teach them how to be gentlemen. Thank you to every single person who remembered to make a big deal of the big brother when they were making a big deal about the new baby. Thank you to our mail lady and our female pediatrician for helping me make sure that they know that gender stereotypes are not applicable. Thank you to the members of our farmer's market who offer them ripe tomatoes and juicy berries for reminding me that the mess is worth it. Thank you to every store with no public restroom that has understood and let us leave our mark. Speaking of potty thank yous, thank you for turning your head when they were peeing behind a tree at the park or having their diaper changed in a far too public spot. Thank you to anyone who has ever bumped into one of them, stepped on their toes, or ran into them for teaching them politeness and forgiveness. Thank you to everyone who has smiled at them as they frowned, laughed at one of their jokes, or really listened when they talked.

From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely hope that you understand how deeply you shape who they are. For without each of you, I am one barely together mom trying to make men out of boys. But with each of your contributions, they are being shaped into the people that we all want them to become. So thank you again. For helping me plant seeds that will last.

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